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MesoTherapy for Hair

Hair care system can be used in conditions like Hair loss and Hair thinning in men & women, female pattern ofbaldness, pre and post-menopausal hair loss. During each session, a session of injection using a special short needle. The injection can be given at different depth – from 1-4mn into the skin.

Meso Solution are highly concentrated topically applied, purified growth factor formula that is designed for use with clinical modalities that enhance penetration.
The constituents of meso solution is usually fibroblast and keratinocytes growth factor.
Usually advised once in 3 weeks.
No allergies or side effects documented.

MesoTherapy for Hair

Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts to rejuvenate skin or for treating hair loss. Mesotherapy for hair regrowth involves the technique of injecting nutrient rich liquid in the mesoderm of the scalp.
This is conducted either by mesogun or by dermopen. Each session takes 30min to complete. Total around 6-8 sessions are required and ideally one session should be 2 weeks apart.

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