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What is an electrocautery Machine?

Electrocautery uses electrical current to heat a Metal wire That is then applied to the techniques, heat is passed through a resistant metal wire which is used as an electrode.

How does electrocautery work?

Electrocautery refers to direct current ( electrons following in one direction) where as electrocautery uses alternating current… During electrocautery, current does not enter the patients body. Instead, current flows through a heating element, which burns the tissue by direct transfer of heat.

What Is electrocautery used for?

Is often used in surgery to remove unwanted or harmful tissue. It can also be used to burn and seal blood vessels. This helps reduce or stop bleeding thing surgery or after an injury. It is a safe procedure.

Does electrocautery leaves Scars?

Scars: Cautery of a skin lesion leaves some degree of scaring as it is not possible to the skin without this happening . These scars can be treated; but thickened skin may remain permanently.

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    How long does Electrocautery take to heal?

    Electrocautery usually leaves behind a would which may take 1 to 6 weeks to heal. The time it takes it takes the wound to heal depends on the size of the wart.
    1. Electrocautery direct current through a high resistance metallic conductor.
    2. It is essentially application of heat and burning of tissues.
    3. This method uses unipolar cautery.
    4. Heat generated by cautery is used for cutting of tissue.
    5. Temperature – 150 to 400degree Celsius.

    Precaution to use:

    1. Prevent damage to posterior pillar and phargnged mucosa- Noosa phargnged stenosis.
    2. Avoid contact between metal instrument and electrocautery.
    3. Electrocautery blade should be guarded with a non conducting material.


    1. Wart removal
    2. Skin tags
    3. Mole removal
    4. DPN removal
    5. Milia removal
    6. Molluscum removal

    Contra Indication

    1. Patient with pacemakers.
    2. Patient with previous heart issues
    3. Pregnancy.
    4. Patient on Aspirin.

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