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Eye Fillers

Tear trough Deformity is characterised by a sunken appearance of the under eye region resulting in a dark shadow over the lower eyelid.
This shadow cannot be concealed with makeup and it is usually a cause of concern.
This could be genetic due to bone deficiency or lack of 50ft tissue overlying the bone due to bone deficiency or lack of soft tissue overlying the bone in that specific area.
For tear trough deformity, specifically low- viscosity Hyaluronic AcidFiller is used to correct intra-orbital HOLLOWNESS.

Immediately post injection gentle massage is done to insure that there are no lumps or irregularities.
Usually a touch-up can be done after 2-4 weeks if required.
The filler at this site last for 12-15 months.

Post Injection :
Avoid vigorous rubbing.
Avoid strenuous physical activity.
Avoid excessive heat.
Avoid cosmetics for 24hours.
No parlour activity.

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