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PRP for Eye

Panretinal Photocoagulation (PRP) is a type of laser treatment for the eye. It is used in people who have developed new abnormal blood vessels at the back of the eye in the retina or in the drainage system within the eyeball.

Does PRP work for under eyes?

For under-eye and upper eyelid pigmentation, PRP with Micropen and with intradermal PRP injection is an excellent choice and gives dramatic results in most treated individuals. For periorbital pigmentation, dark under-eye circle treatment with PRP we recommend three treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart for best results.

How long does PRP last?

Results are almost guaranteed with PRP if you continue with 2-4 treatments. You will see a drastic reduction in eye darkness and puffiness after one treatment and should continue to see improvement up to two weeks. Maintenance is recommended between 6-12 months.

Is PRP good for dark circles?

Conclusion. Platelet rich plasma may have the potential to improve infraorbital dark circle in terms of color homogeneity. Intradermal injection of PRP seems promising for the treatment of infraorbital dark circle; however, for the crow’s feet wrinkles, it does not seem to have fruitful results.

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    Does PRP help under eyes?

    PRP treatments for the under eye and the upper eyelid area are regenerative treatments which means the PRP injection and application leads to stimulation of your own collagen and elastin and regeneration of new healthy skin tissue for gradual, natural and real results that improve in the 2-3 months.

    How often do you need PRP?

    PRP therapy is a three-step process. Most PRP therapy requires three treatments 4–6 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are required every 4–6 months.

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