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Nasolabial Fold

Correction of nasolabial fold on mid face is one of the most rewarding cosmetic procedures, with excellent out come and maximum of patients satisfaction. Nasolabial fold is called as the laughing lines. Most common in people with thin skin and is commonly seen in younger patients.

Asians have a wide face with a more flat medical and central portion due to a structurally deficient medical maxilla and nasal spine. The key correction in the females is to highlight the cheek apex and maintain the ogee curve. Usually filler with a high “G” or high cohesively is selected 30G needle or 25G cannula is preferred and this further. Prevent the bruising. Mid face is considered the support system of a youthful face.

This consists of:-
1. No shadows under the eyes
2. High cheek bones
3. Full cheeks


Aging of lower face is one of then most common indication of dermal fillers.
Jawline:- As we age, the jawline becomes ill defined due to atrophy of superior and inferior mandibular fat compartment. Patient with thin jawline are ideal candidates. It is an OPD based procedure and takes around 30-45 mins to complete and is generally safe. The filler usually last for 6-18 months. Filler used mostly here contains hyaluronic acid. There is very mild discomfort during the whole procedure and is usually conducted with prior topical anaesthetic cream. The amount of filler needed is around 1-3cc on the jaw line. The newer forms of hyaluronic acid fillers stimulates collagen production by starching the collagen- producing cells known as fibroblasts.These fillers not only make the skin look better immediately, they also create thicker skin due to increased collagen production. Usually, it takes one and two weeks for the treatment areas to settle.

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    Can fillers help jawline?

    • Jawline enhancement with dermal fillers can define and correct a weak jawline.
    • This reduces the appearance of double chin.

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